We believe we can answer the calls of the 21st century by utilizing the resources of open-minded individuals who embrace a universal culture of fairness and development.


LSI assists families and individuals regardless of their ethnicity, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. The concentration is on providing access to local educational resources (GED diplomas, certifications, trade schools, and colleges), credit awareness training, and creating partnerships with business owners, schools, and corporations for job placement opportunities.


The overriding mission of LSI is to deliver employment resource services and basic financial management skills for under/unemployed individuals and families in our community while providing a positive vision of tomorrow through education and emotional support.

Programs Offered:

LSI offers help to communities which include food and shelter assistance, education counselors, health care advocates who help direct low-income families and those who are underemployed to local community outreach services. Credit awareness/repair workshops and benefits instruction are provided in community centers, LSI invites local business owners and educational support staff from local colleges to deliver a message of education and self-reliance to his workshops.

Populations Served:

LSI has actively helped and seeks to include:

  • Unemployed adults aged (18-65) who are seeking employment but are currently unemployed.
  • Adults aged (18-65) who are seeking employment but are currently under/employed.
  • Young adults aged (18-24) who seek higher education or additional career/employment training services.
  • Adults aged (28-55) who are changing careers via distance learning programs or on campus.
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