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Community! Beautiful In Its Simplicity

What We Do

 LSI is committed to anybody regardless of race, gender, religion, and socioeconomic status.  LSI believes that everyone can fulfill and succeed in his or her goals if only gaining access to the proper tools and resources.

LAU Social Industry, INC is a 501 C3 Not for Profit corporation under the IRS code.

LSI believes in helping our fellow brothers/sisters and acknowledging that, “We all don’t get through this journey and life alone.” However, it is up to each individual to try his or her best to get there, you owe life; life does not owe you!

The, LSI community shared experiences are like so many of you some positive and some negative. Whether it has been in the personal or professional manner, we look at those circumstances as questions just waiting on the right answers.


LSI is inspired by family, friends and the World at large, all of us involved are caring and diverse individuals.

LSI has years of experience in the Building Trades/Union Representation, Business Development, Charities, Community Outreach, Corporations, Entrepreneurships, Medical and Political Engagement fields. This allows for passionate support of our communities, regardless of the interactions taking place in the Backyard, a Boardroom or the Kitchen Table, We Are In This Together!


Your giving to fellow citizens not only provides goods and services but also much needed mental and physical balance.


We all share similar backgrounds and stories, just using different voices. The goal must be to support agendas, leadership, public policies, and social outreach, which assist in the development of our community family.


Commitment, Effort and Time are thanks that will all possess. That is why it is so significant when you give those traits for the betterment of us all.

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